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“The Alliance2Build team’s web-based program has been a great value to this project in its outstanding ability to document and track all construction activities and keep all stake holders thoroughly informed”

Jim Peterson, Project Manager, Parsons Construction Management


BenefitsFor Architects:  Fast access to project information on all of the firms projects.  The ability to manage all of your projects using the same interface and receive roll up alerts and reports on key activities and events.  Real time automatic tracking of RFIs, submittals and other documents as you process them without additional effort. 

For Owners:  Easily stay informed with up to the minute status on all of your projects 24/7. Alliance2Build provides the ability to maintain an executive overview or drill down to greater detail on any aspect of a project.  Clear definition of any items in your court, and access to a proven, consistent, project filing structure to eliminate the need to create and maintain extensive project filing and document management  in your office. 
For Contractors:  The ability to receive and forward RFIs, submittals from Subcontractors to the design Architect for more expedient processing.  Real time automatic tracking of all documents developed and communications issued.  Documents are distributed and email notifications issued, keeping you fully informed, up to the minute on project status. 
For Subcontractors/ Trades:  The ability to easily prepare RFI and transmittals for submittals to the General Contractor. Enhanced communication with the General Contractor.
For Construction Managers:  The ability to monitor transparent document flow, 24/7 and create team awareness of any potential project impacts or risks.  Customizable routing of documents established by the project team at the project initiation.  Email notifications and alerts flag critical items to allow consistent delivery of successful projects. 
For Inspectors:  Ability to completely integrate with the project team by posting and automatically distributing electronic reports and documents to the team.  Ability to upload his / her reports. Posted documents and reports are automatically filed centrally for easy reference by the entire team. 
For Consultants/Engineers:  The ability to respond to receive and respond to RFIs and submittals online without cumbersome process of filing, faxing or emailing. Share a project colander of key events and project milestones.
For Agencies:  The ability to share documents and review status of reviews and approvals.  Unique modules available for OSHPD and DSA in California.