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“The Alliance2Build team’s web-based program has been a great value to this project in its outstanding ability to document and track all construction activities and keep all stake holders thoroughly informed”

Jim Peterson, Project Manager, Parsons Construction Management

Alliance2Build Project Delivery Integration
Accountability, Transparency, Efficiency, Flexible and Expediency providing a truly integrated web based system. 
Purpose:  Alliance2Build Project Team Collaboration software was initiated in 2004 and became web-based in 2006. Driven by the singular purpose to provide project teams with tools to expedite projects with far greater efficiency, accountability and transparency. The resulting platform integrates the participant roles on the project teams to deliver projects. 
This web based collaboration solution embraces the interactive participation of the project team, including the owner, architect, contractor, subcontractor (trades), construction managers, consultants, inspectors and agencies.  With the advances in computer technologies and keen insight to “Best Practices” in the design and construction industries from thousands of projects,  “Alliance Project Management System” was formed. It can be deployed via the internet in minutes without any IT set-up or downloads. Project Participants access and interact with the project website 24/7 from a web browser on any computer.Features
  • Email Notifications
  • Superior Project Documentation
  • Integral Document Cross Referencing
  • Construction Document Control
  • Project Calendar
  • Executive Reporting
  • Action Items
  • Project Manager Summary
  • Principal Summary
  • Project Search Ability
  • Project Team Directory
  • Meeting Reports
  • Automated Real Time Tracking

Alliance2Build was built from the ground up to facilitate effortless communication features include automatic distribution of documents. 
  • Project Team Directory
  • Automatic Distribution of Meeting Reports
  • Client Information Requests
  • Conversation Record Log
  • Project News and Messaging
  • Visual Real Time Tracking of document flow                                         
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Document Creation
  • Document Retrieval
  • Project Settings
  • Project Management
  • Action Items
  • Project Journal
  • Client Protocols & Preferences
  • Bidding Phase Support
  • Construction Phase Support
    • Request for Interpretation (RFI)
    • Change Management
    • Submittal Tracking & Organization
    • Contractor’s Payment Application
    • Inspector’s Reports
    • Punch list
    • Architectural Bulletins


Recognizing that not all project teams achieve successful project the same way.  Alliance2Build offers dynamic settings to support this difference. 

  • Dynamic document routing
  • Customizable Permissions